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Tuesday 27 February 2024

MP Abdul Khaleque and his versatility and skills

Saiyad Bulbul Jamanur Hoque
Courtesy- MP Abdul Khaleque Fan Club (Facebook Group)

Barpeta MP Abdul Khaleque, is the best able child of Bartari-Kandulia village, who was elected in 2006 and 2019, MLA from Jania constituency for two terms in 2006 and 2019. He proved himself to be one of the best public representatives by construction of two bridges on Beki and Manas rivers, construction of state highway connecting Abhayapuri-Barpeta by constructing the state highway connecting Bartari-Kandulia, Langla, Balagaon, Udmari etc. Construction of a stadium in Kalgachia, construction of 17 Pakka bridges on canals and beels of Jania constituency, construction of 180 km pakka roads in the constituency, as an MP, construction of Freedom fighter Mohammad Ali Sarkar Memorial Building in Balarsar, construction of multi-logistics park at Jogighopa.

MP Abdul Khaleque, the country's only exceptional politician who has inspired Assam for intellectual development by holding a book fair for 12 years, has been elected a member of the country's upper house after rising from a remote village called Bartari-Kandulia. His peer is a versatile person and personality not born in a second group.

At a time when there was no road in Bartari-Kandulia village, there were no educated people like today, in such an environment, in the womb of father Sohrab Ali Munshi and in the womb of mother Sabura Khatun, MP Abdul Khaleque was born on February 1, 1971 in bartari village. Since his birth, the only capital behind the plan of self-determination and self-establishment that he had created in himself by fighting the economic poverty of the family was his sharp intelligence and the right directional foresight. After studying primary education in Bartari Primary School in 1979, Upper primary school education class 5 and 6 from BKME Madrasa, in 1982. He passed matriculation in 1986 from Langla Higher Secondary School and graduated from Bongaigaon College and higher secondary in 1988.

He received his double master's degree in "Assamese Literature" from Guwahati University in 1994 and "International Relations" from Vinayak Mission University in 2009. In 1996, he worked as a staff reporter for "Asom Bani" newspaper and from 1997 to 2000 as the staff reporter for "Amaar Asom" and established himself as perhaps the first professional journalist of Lower Assam and gained popularity across Assam by writing a letter called "Political Diary". MP Abdul Khaleque, who can make his existence in the vast field of politics in the backdrop of journalism, is now a well-known politician in the country. MPs have not been able to play such an active role as they have been playing on the problems of Assam and the country in Parliament. It has introduced the Private Member Bill in Parliament to abolish 'D' voters, the curse of Assam, the Private Members Bill has been introduced to give certificates to the affected citizens of the river erosion. Barpeta has been moved by Parliament to prevent erosion of heritage city, Ai, Manas, Beki and Brahmaputra rivers.

The parliament has already presented the questions and demands to solve all the necessary problems of Barpeta parliamentary constituency, including the tribalisation of six tribes, the invention of the vacuum brake of the train, the merger of Barpeta city with the railway line, the establishment of a central university, etc. He has managed to attract the attention of Parliament and the country by introducing several private members bills.

In 2002, a seminar on " In which Direction of Problems and Solutions to Assam's Minorities" was held on the premises of Kalgachia Navajyoti College as planned by Abdul Khaleque. The seminar in which Homen Borgohain Dev participated as the chief discussant before being announced as the president of the Asom Sahitya Sabha and in that seminar, Abdul Khaleque declared that he was the next president of the Borgohain Dev Sahitya Sabha and demanded that the session of the Sahitya Sabha be held in Kalgachia. Borgohain Deb assured to look into the demands of the People of Kalgachia. Essayist Dr Rezaul Karim was the executive member of the Asom Sahitya Sabha and he expressed that Borgohain Dev had proposed in the meeting that the President has decided to hold a special annual session of the Sahitya Sabha in Kalgachia so the executives of the sabha should support it.

Abdul Khaleque got close to the intellectual star of Assam, Homen Borgohain, as a staff reporter in "Amaar Asom" Newspaper and impressed Borgohain Dev with his own positive qualities and views and established himself as the main person of organizing a special annual session of the Asom Sahitya Sabha at Kalgachia on February 10, 11 and 12, 2002.

Abdul Khaleque has written a book of poems as a poet called "Conversation with Gangadevi Boro". He edited another book of poems titled "Poems of Char-Chapri". He has edited a magazine called 'Atmapaksha'. He has published a collection of informative articles titled "Rashtravad Muslim etc".

MP Abdul Khaleque is a popular leader among all religions and all castes of Assam. He is respectful of the constitution of the nation and is doing public service reflecting the basic tenets. His speeches have magical qualities that can impress the young, old man, the woman. He is known to be a thunderbolt, brave orator of Assam.

MP Abdul Khaleque has filed a case in the court against the communal speeches of Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, who holds the highest-powered post in Assam, from such an ordinary family in the infamous village of Bartari-Kandulia, proving his honesty, courage and fearless uncompromising mental strength.

Abdul Malek Ahmed, principal of Langla Higher Secondary School, is his younger brother. His other two sisters are Fatema Khatun and Hunufa Khatan respectively. Kamalini Khaleque is wife, Jishan Abdul Khaleque and Ishhita Marjiha Khaleque are the children of MP Abdul Khaleque.

Bartari-Kandulia village has been able to give gifts to the country, nation and people by giving birth to versatile talents, skills, abilities, brave and visionary children like Abdul Khaleque. The village of Bartari-Kandulia has raised Abdul Khaleque by raising him as the best child of Bartari-Kandulia village, and Abdul Khaleque has made bartari-kandulia village famous in front of society, country and caste.

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